North Carolina Real Food Challenge Summer Training

Starting Date: 08-31-2012
Ending Date: 09-03-2012

Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514
United States
Want the coming school year to be your student group's best ever?

Looking to attract new members and recognition on campus?

Ready to take on a real food campaign--and get your school to support more local farmers and fair food?

This summer, the Real Food Challenge will hold intensive regional trainingsaround the country. At each, about 25 students and veteran real food organizers will converge for a powerful weekend of workshops, cooking, skill-shares, storytelling, strategizing and all-around fun. These retreats are geared for students who want to take on (or strengthen an existing) real food campaign on their campus.

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Ames, IA - July 26-29

Boston, MA - August 16-20

College Park, MD - August 16-20

Santa Barbara, CA - TBD

Spokane, Washington - August 23-26

St. Paul, MN - August 23-26

Chapel Hill, NC - Aug 31 - Sept 3

Pending - Florida, Chicago

Each event will feature a unique series of workshops ranging from storytelling as an organizing tool and "power, privilege and oppression in the food system," to ones on campaign planning and how to shift campus food systems. All participating teams will leave with a full action plan for the school year.

These trainings are much more than workshops: we will cook and eat delicious meals together, visit and work with local food justice organizations, and play all sorts of games and outdoor activities. Everyone walks away with new friends, allies, concrete skills, and the real tools needed to revolutionize our food system!

As one student from Florida put it:

"Informative. Empowering. This training has taught me so much: That it can be done; How to use the tools to get it done; And that I am not alone in this struggle. Everyone was awesome and supportive, which inspires hope that the world can change for the better."

REGISTER TODAY! We hope to see you this summer!

What can you expect from an RFC Leadership Training?

RFC and Movement 101: Introductions to the history of the Real Food Challenge and the larger food movement, including conversations on oppression and privilege in the context of food systems & avenues for mobilizing community power for positive social change.

Leadership Development: Workshops on strategic campaign planning, story telling, group facilitation, creative event planning, dining service contracts, and engaging community stakeholders.

Field trips to local farms and real food organizations

Community: Connect with new partners in this national student movement! Enjoy group meals, late-night jam sessions and dance parties with new friends!

Plans for the future: Students leave with new friends, concrete skills, and action plans, equipped with REAL goals for REAL change on campus come September.
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