Fighting Bob Fest 2012

Starting Date: 09-15-2012

Madison, Wisconsin 53705
United States
Fighting Bob Fest is an annual Chautauqua featuring progressive speakers, networking opportunities, and entertainment. Fighting Bob Fest carries on the tradition of Robert “Fighting Bob” La Follette by providing a forum for progressive ideas on issues facing Wisconsin and the nation.

Freedom and justice are defended through education, and the exchange of ideas promotes solidarity among progressives. To this end, Fighting Bob Fest strives to provide citizens with a forum for democratic participation where frustrations with current policies can be constructively molded into calls to action.

Our FIGHTING BOB FEST NUMBER 10. Can you believe it?

"Class War: Fight Back" is the theme.

Bernie Sanders,

Jim Hightower,

Thom Hartmann,

Greg Palast,

John Nichols,

Ellen Bravo,

Tammy Baldwin,

Mike McCabe,

Tony Schultz,

and others will get you on your feet.

There will be music food, and, believe it or not, beer.

Parking is free, the facility is handicap-accessible.

There will be three Breakouts:

#1- Nancy Unger, our LaFollette scholar, will discuss Fighting Bob in the context of class disparity.

#2- A great breakout will deal with the "future of labor"-- Carin Clauss - UW Law School- formerly the top lawyer in Carter's Dept. of Labor; Fred Redmond-International VP of United Steelworkers and President of the A. Philip Randolph Institute; along with Tom Geoghegan- author of "Which Side Are You On?" will all join John Matthews, of Madison Teachers Inc., to ask how we can strengthen the labor movement now under attack by Walker, Kasich and Christie.

#3- Our planet is in trouble. Can we save it?

Kick off, as usual, at the Barrymore Theater, Friday night 7pm-- featuring Stan Gruszynski, Ruth Conniff, Dennis Kucinich, poet Dan Kunene--plus a surprise or two!

Can't wait to see you, on behalf of our entire staff,

Ed Garvey
Geographical Scope: State

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