Economic Democracy Conference

Starting Date: 10-11-2012
Ending Date: 10-14-2012

Madison, Wisconsin 53701
United States
The viral growth of the Occupy Movement, and the public support of it, is testament to the tremendous dissatisfaction with the inequities and abuses of global capitalism. Meta-corporations and large financial institutions have corrupted democracy in the United States and many other countries. In response, a wide spectrum of progressive forces are struggling to rescue our political democracy; however, reform is not enough.

Instead the demand for economic democracy that economically empowers people and communities has the potential to unite Americans around a common cause that replaces the tyranny of corporate power.

Humanity needs a clear, compelling vision of an equitable, sustainable economy that brings a high quality of life for everyone – an economy by, for and of the people.

We invite concerned individuals and organizations to come together to envision the democratic and equitable economic system needed to replace capitalism, and plan the necessary steps to materialize it.
Geographical Scope: National

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