Life Rocks Radical Unschooling Conference 2013

Starting Date: 04-01-2013
Ending Date: 04-05-2013

RedJacket Mountain View Resort And Kahuna Lagun
North Conway, New Hampshire 03860
United States
The Life Rocks! Conference is a gathering of conscious parents, radical unschoolers, organic, natural learning families and those wishing to explore a partnership parenting paradigm.

Parenting is supposed to be joyful, and it can be when we learn to connect with, rather than control, our children. We were raised in a different era, where the majority of the parenting focused on obedience and doing what we were told…Once you understand that there is a more respectful, fulfilling way to live in harmony with not only our children, but also with others, you are well on your way. Just learning that a new parenting paradigm exists is often the first step in someone’s journey to a new awakening.

We aim to provide a forum where we offer a glimpse into true human potential by bringing together inspiring people from all over the world who have created their lives fueled by their passions in a self-directed way. Our goal is to offer information and support through a multi-sensory experience that you will leave feeling empowered and enlightened.

Life Rocks! is not only a conference, it is a family vacation at an incredible resort and indoor waterpark located in one of the most popular vacation spots in the world - the White Mountains of New Hampshire.
Geographical Scope: National

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