National Student Power Convergence 2013

Starting Date: 08-01-2013
Ending Date: 08-05-2013

Madison, Wisconsin 53562
United States
In August 2012, 300 student leaders from 10 states converged in Columbus, OH. We came armed with success stories and eager to meet new coalition partners. We spent three days learning about each other as organizers, as representatives of our geographic spaces and respective issues and as humans. We were inspired by the stories of international student movements. We trained together, we cooked together, we danced and cried together. We creative a beloved community on the foundational promise of moving forward in collective action towards collective wins. We all left there with a renewed sense of what a cohesive, intersectional movement should look and feel like.

This year we are excited to bring the success stories coming out of the last year and many others together at the 2013 National Student Power Convergence. We hope to craft an even stronger story of the Youth Movement, through panels, trainings, workshops and general assemblies. The entire agenda will be constructed by student organizers to highlight best practices and tangible wins. We want to build off the theme of intersectionality from last year by learning from the wins shared by multiple issues. We want people to leave with a comprehensive political and tactical analysis, replicable campaigns and the energy to propel us through 2013 and beyond!
Geographical Scope: National

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