Overcoming Racism 2013

Starting Date: 11-15-2013
Ending Date: 11-16-2013

St. Paul, Minnesota 55106
United States
Truth telling can be a powerful means of undermining racism. What do we mean by ‘Truth telling’? Truth telling is sharing history and stories that have been silenced or repressed. It is sharing the beauty, strengths and contributions of racial and ethnic communities. It is sharing the stories of what racism and colonization* have done to us, how we have participated, and how we have resisted.

Truth telling is an act of resistance to racism, of decolonization, of liberation. It connects our individual and collective stories to a narrative about race and racism that can compete with the white racial frame. “Historically and in the present, these counter-frames have regularly provided valuable tool kits for oppressed Americans, offering both individual and collective tools” for surviving and combating racism. (Joe R. Feagin, The White Racial Frame)
Geographical Scope: National


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