So You Want To Run For Local Office

Starting Date: 12-03-2013
Starting Time: 6:30pm

The CivicLab
114 N. Aberdeen Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607
United States
Unhappy about the way your local government is running? Stop complaining and BE the government! That's right, YOU can run for local office and become part of the solution to persistent problems and create new possibilities for your community.

This dynamic 90 minute workshop will show you the BIG picture when considering a run for local office. We will show you a path for success and you will hear from candidates who ran and lost and who ran and won. Bottom line: You CAN do this. This session will explore the Frequently Asked Questions about seeking local office. We will be offering a full day training on the mechanics and tactics in January where attendees will take home a play book for action. Attendees to the December 3rd workshop will receive a discount to that full day training session.

The cost is $20.
Geographical Scope: Metro

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