Lake Junaluska Peace Conference 2014

Starting Date: 03-27-2014
Ending Date: 03-30-2014

91 N. Lakeshore Drive
Lake Junaluska, North Carolina 28745
United States
Advancing the work of reconciliation and peace, this year’s theme, Faith, Health, and Peace, will explore ways different faith communities can lift up the leading causes of life, combat causes of poor health including disease, violence, and poverty. Guest speakers include: Dr. Christoph Benn, Bishop Hope Morgan-Ward, Dr. Gary Gunderson, Dr. James Cochrane, and more.

The 2014 Lake Junaluska Peace Conference: Faith, Health, and Peace: Seeking the Basic Right To Good Health For All God's Children, seeks to:
Look at good health as a basic human right from the perspective of faith traditions.
Lift up and promote "the leading causes of life."
Explore ways faith communities can combat the causes of poor health. i.e. disease, violence, poverty, etc.
Geographical Scope: National


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