National Conference on Race and Ethnicity in Higher Education 2014

Starting Date: 05-27-2014
Ending Date: 05-31-2014

Indianapolis, Indiana 46221
United States
NCORE 2014 — Areas of Special Emphasis for Concurrent Sessions:

The Relationship of Race and Ethnicity with Other Social Identity Issues
Student Leadership and Coalition Building
Lesbian/Gay/Genderqueer/Bisexual/Transgender/Transsexual/Questioning/Intersex/Ally/Asexual: Race, Ethnicity And Culture
Pedagogies of Race and Ethnicity
Reinventing Language around Race and Ethnicity
Race and Ethnicity: Body Arts, Visual Arts and Performing Arts
Ethnic Studies as a Social Justice Curriculum and Related Politics
The Politics of Immigration on Conceptions of Race and Ethnicity In The U.S.
From Theory to Praxis as We Address Issues of Race and Ethnicity
The Intersection of Collegiate Athletics with Race and Ethnicity
The Roles, Contexts, and Challenges of Chief Diversity Officers
Building Capacity for Alliances Across Difference
Social Media Conversations on Race and Ethnicity
Geographical Scope: National


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