Socialism 2014

Starting Date: 06-26-2014
Ending Date: 06-29-2014

Chicago, Illinois 60007
United States
Socialism 2014 is a four-day conference bringing together hundreds of socialists and radical activists from around the country to take part in discussions about Marxism, working-class history, and the debates and strategies for organizing today.

Every year, the Socialism conferences aims to be a place where activists can share lessons from their struggles—from the boycott, divestment and sanction campaign for Palestine to the fight for LGBT liberation, from the Fight for 15 to the struggle to stop the destruction of the planet, the fight against racism, and more.

With well over 100 meetings, the weekend will feature left-wing authors and thinkers discussing the debates on the left today, as well as meetings on the hidden history of working-class and socialist struggles.

Entertainment this year will feature the abortion rights play MOM BABY GOD as well as a Radical Film Festival, and much more.

Register online today and join us at Socialism 2014. And please check back at this website for updates on the schedule, speakers and meeting topics.

A few of the many highlights from last year’s conference include:

• Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald speaking out on the crimes of the national security state.
• Teacher, parent, and student activists on the fight for education justice.
• Discussions on violence against women and Black feminism and intersectionality.
• Environmental activists strategizing about the movement’s next steps.
• Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor on the political economy of racism.
• Discussions and debates about Marxist theory today.
• Socialists from Greece, Egypt, Canada, Britain, Australia, and elsewhere describing the challenges for the revolutionary left.
• LGBT activists highlighting the struggle for transgender rights.
• A roundtable discussion on the history and politics of disability.
• Idle No More activists linking historic First Nation and Native American struggles with those today.
• Electronic Intifada’a Ali Abunimah on the struggle for Palestine and the BDS movement.

Sponsored by the International Socialist Organization
Geographical Scope: National

Kent May 4 CenterOhio

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