Jesus Radicals 2014

Starting Date: 08-02-2014
Ending Date: 08-03-2014

Elkhart, Indiana 46514
United States
Renew. Embody.
Jesus Radicals Retreat

August 2 – 3

Elkhart, Indiana
1618 S. 6th St., Fellowship of Hope Mennonite Church

Worship. Local Engagement. Music. Meals. Open Space. Continuing the conversation between anarchism and Christianity. Together we’ll begin a second decade of Jesus Radicals

Last year, Jesus Radicals celebrated its tenth annual gathering. After ten years, we felt it would be good to step back, relax, and simply be together in a much more unscripted way. And so this year, instead of a “conference” sort of format where we listen to respectable folks, we’re hoping to cultivate a retreat format where we allow the topics for engagement to emerge from who are gathered. No big names. Just each other. One of the purposes of our time will be to discern and dream together as we begin a second decade of Jesus Radicals.

Participants in the retreat will be responsible for their food needs and meals will happen in a communal space. Camping is the suggested lodging choice. Options for camping are forthcoming. Music sharing and enjoying will happen in the evenings. Email if you’re interested in performing!
Geographical Scope: National

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