Making Money Making Change 2014

Starting Date: 11-06-2014
Ending Date: 11-09-2014

EarthRise Retreat Center At IONS
Petaluma, California 94952
United States
his year the retreat will be capped at 105 attendees and we anticipate that registration will fill up quickly. Register today! Our final deadline is October 18, 2014.

Making Money Make Change, Resource Generation's annual retreat, is filling up fast with new and returning participants, presenters and consultants. Folks are signing up left and right! So much so, that we have created a wait list for retreat attendance. We anticipate that many people from the wait list will indeed be able to attend. When you are placed on the wait list, please complete the short questionnaire you receive ASAP.

But wait, MMMC has never had a wait list before - why is this happening? The great news is that there is a lot of interest in MMMC this year, and lots of folks have signed up! At this time we are holding attendance slots for young people of color with wealth, working-, middle-class and poor partners of young people with wealth, and confirmed pod leaders. Whether or not you identify with one of these categories, you should join the wait list. When you are placed on the wait list, please complete the google form ASAP. We will contact you shortly with more information about your attendance.

If you have any questions about the retreat or this registration, or need help completing the registration, please contact the retreat director, Tiffany Ann Brown (
Please take some time to read important retreat and policy information below

What is MMMC?
Making Money Make Change (MMMC) is Resource Generation's annual 100+ person gathering for young people with wealth (ages 18-35) who believe in social change. MMMC is a confidential space to explore issues related to wealth, privilege, philanthropy, and participation in grassroots movements for justice and equality. Through workshops, discussions, and community-building activities, participants support, challenge, and inspire each other to align their resources with their values and work for personal and societal transformation. While participants are young people with wealth and their partners, social movement leaders and nonprofit practitioners from other class backgrounds are invited to speak, facilitate sessions, and attend the entire retreat.

Who Attends?
Participants are individuals aged 18-35, who have or expect to have a wide range of inherited as well as earned wealth, which comes from a diversity of sources and circumstances. Young people of color with wealth are prioritized and encouraged to attend. Young partners of people with wealth are also welcome. MMMC builds a community of peers who support each other in making creative and informed choices about their resources.
Geographical Scope: National

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