Confronting Capitalism and Climate Crisis : Summer Training Institute

Starting Date: 08-02-2015
Ending Date: 08-09-2015

Smith College
Northampton, Massachusetts 01060
United States

Confronting Capitalism & Climate Crisis:

Economics for Achieving Justice, Equity, and Sustainability

August 2-9th

Smith College, Northampton Massachusetts

We are excited to return this year to our weeklong, residential Summer Institute format! For each Summer Institute, we develop a ‘special track’: this year, we will look at the double crisis in our economy and our environment.

The increasingly devastating social, economic, and health impacts of pollution and climate change are creating a heightened sense of urgency. Meanwhile the distribution of these impacts mirrors the distribution pattern well- known in capitalist systems, with the worst consequences falling on those who are already politically and economically marginalized, both on local and global levels.

There is increasing recognition that fundamental economic transformations will be needed to change course environmentally, at the same time that the recent global economic crisis has prompted deep questioning about the dominant economic paradigm and a search for alternatives. This moment represents a potential for great change as activist organizations come together to build a broad-based and diverse movement for climate justice. An analysis of the ways that current economic systems and policies contribute to climate change and its unequal im- pacts can help identify common ground and fight for a just transition. The institute will provide economic tools and analysis to inform and sharpen strategies – both short and long term – for transitioning away from the corporate-driven, growth-oriented, carbon-intensive economy while simultaneously fighting for, and building, a more sustainable, democratic, and equitable economy

By the Center for Popular Economics.
Geographical Scope: National

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