Responsible Endowments Coalition Summer Organizing Retreat 2015

Starting Date: 07-19-2015
Ending Date: 07-25-2015

Lacey Township, New Jersey 08734
United States
Join REC for our Summer Organizing Retreat! This is a place for students to come together to gain skills and knowledge about organizing an endowment campaign, confronting corporate power, and developing strategies for winning.

How would you change the world with one million dollars? What about $10 million, $100 million, or $1 billion? Students across the country are standing up to corporate power and demanding control over their universities' money!

Universities, as major institutional investors, are failing our communities by supporting the financial status quo in higher ed: maximizing profit over all social or environmental considerations; choosing high-risk, high-reward investing practices; investing in highly complex financial instruments with little transparency; banking with Wall Street, instead of equally sound local community institutions; and choosing to not engage or influence the corporations in which they’re investing.

Youth are getting together and piece-by-piece, campaign-by-campaign, building an endowment movement. We invite you to join us for a week-long training retreat to develop your endowment knowledge and share strategies from across the movement! Our summer program is perfect for someone new to the responsible investment movement in higher education, or for someone looking to develop a strong campaign plan for next year. There is no previous experience or knowledge required.


We will be discussing a number of subjects relevant to today’s student leaders, including -

Confronting corporate power on campus
How to understand your endowment and the responsible investment strategies that can develop alternative economies
How to be an effective student organizer: recruiting, engaging, and mobilizing your campus
Media and Storytelling: framing your campaign both on and off campus and getting your story covered
Sustaining your campaign through fundraising and leadership development
Preparing to escalate
Analyzing success stories! How has responsible investment impacted workers’ rights; environmental justice issues such as climate change, hydraulic fracturing and mountaintop removal coal mining; corporate contributions and our political system; LGBTQ nondiscrimination; poverty in our local communities; and much more.


If you have a passion for social justice and are prepared for an intensive and intimate experience, you have everything you need. The goal of this training is to support you with knowledge and skills necessary to create change at your university from the ground up. No previous knowledge or experience in finance, organizing, or activism is required.


Northeast Summer Organizing Retreat

Where: Murray Grove Retreat and Renewal Center, Lanoka Harbor, NJ. Within two hours of NYC and Philadelphia by car, and also fully accessible to both cities by public transit
When: July 19th — July 24th, 2014


The suggested tuition -- including food, housing, and staff time for the entire week -- varies depending on the number of attendees from your school:
• If you are the only attendee from your school: $300/person
• If you are one of 2 attendees from your school: $210/person
• If you are one of 3 attendees from your school: $160/person

However, we recognize that not everyone is in a position to pay this much or raise this much money. We hope to work with each attendee to pay on a sliding scale whatever they may be able to. Between REC's scholarship funding and your own fundraising abilities we are committed to making sure that all who wish to attend will be able to. Full and partial scholarships are available and we will also have travel funding available for those who are unable to support their travel. Let's work together to figure it out!

Apply using our Google Form. Rolling until spaces are filled! We are currently still accepting applications. The sooner the better.
July 19, 2015 at 3pm - July 25, 2015
Murray Grove
431 N Main St
Lacey Township, NJ 08734
United States
Geographical Scope: National

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