Society for the Study of Social Problems 2016

Starting Date: 08-19-2016
Ending Date: 08-21-2016

Seattle, Washington 98402
United States
n the mid-twentieth century, the SSSP was established to apply sociological theory, methods and research in the study of social problems. Its proponents were leading voices for applying the sociological imagination to relevant issues in our society, challenging our discipline, as Alfred McClung Lee did, to broaden the answer to the question, “Sociology for whom?” The point was to develop a diversity of approaches, often boldly cutting across disciplinary boundaries and frequently empowering previously marginalized voices, which would integrate a variety of techniques of data collection and analysis and conceptual innovation in the service of understanding and potentially “solving” real-life social issues, and perhaps discomfiting some power-holders and disturbing the status quo along the way. This vision still inspires us today.
Geographical Scope: National

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