California Student Sustainability Convergence

Starting Date: 11-19-2004
Starting Time: 6:00pm

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, California 93106
United States
877-450-3517 x318
California Student Sustainability Convergence

November 19th-21st, 2004
Santa Barbara, California - UC Santa Barbara Campus

It's time to Move UC and Renew the CSU!!

WHEN? Friday November 19th 5:30pm through Sunday November 21st 1:45pm

WHERE? University of California at Santa Barbara Campus.

WHAT? Workshops, speakers, campaign discussions, opportunities
for CSU and UC to collaborate, and fun activities.

WHO? The California Student Sustainability Coalition, the Renew CSU Campaign, the Move UC Campaign, and YOU!

WHY? A secret report prepared recently by the Pentagon and leaked to the UK's The Observer, warns that climate change may lead to a global catastrophe costing millions and lives, and remains a far greater threat than terrorism. The Pentagon report predicts that 'abrupt climate change could bring the planet to the edge of anarchy as countries develop a nuclear threat to defend and secure dwindling food, water and energy supplies'. It's authors warn that climate change should be considered 'immediately' as a top political and military issue.

As students from around California we have an unprecidented opportunity to affect the course of history. Due largely to student pressure, the UC system passed a landmark policy last summer for renewable energy and green building standards. If the CSU follows in its footsteps, the entire energy market in California will change dramatically and the United States government will have yet another reason to take swift and decisive action to curb global warming pollution before it's too late. Perhaps more importantly, these landmark California victories are helping to shape a new model of just and sustainable systems that are not only solving environmental problems but also creating highly efficient systems, more jobs, and strengthening our economy for the long run.

Please RSVP with Josh or at our Evite site: XE
$5 donation for six meals and housing for the weekend. Bring your own sleeping bag,
pillows, plates, and silverware,
and will be housed with UCSB students. They'll be filled in on where
exactly they're staying when they arrive.

For more Information, contact:
Josh: 877-450-3517 x318

Geographical Scope: State

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