University of Central Arkansas Young Democratic Socialists

408 Locust
Conway, Arkansas 72034
United States
We are a diverse collective, informed and inspired by a variety of movements and figures in the long struggle for social justice. From the American labor movement, to the fight for civil rights, from European Social Democracy to women's liberation, the Young Democratic Socialists takes lessons and hope from the wide history of our progressive project. But YDS is not a theoretical debating society. We are proud of our heritage as socialists, but don't get bogged down in endless arguments about how many Karl Marx books can fit on the head of a pin. We are the nation's largest socialist student and youth organization, but unlike many socialist groups, we don't think we are the end-all-be-all of progressive politics in America. We work in coalitions, as a principled ally of a variety of struggles. We work to be a socialist voice within the left, but don't think that we should tell other movements that we have all the answers. We want to see a progressive, democratic majority in the US, and work in good faith to build that majority. Progressive Democrats, queer activists, people of color, Greens, labor activists, feminists, we have come together because we don't think there is currently room in US politics for our vision of a society based on solidarity, instead of greed. We are going to make that room.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: National
Added on 09-02-2006
Updated on 09-05-2006


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