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SURGE is dedicated to international and unparalleled outreach in order to promote progressive activism through Film, Visual Arts and Music. Its mission is to strengthen the voice of international activists - while encouraging activists to continue working for a better world! The SURGE Film Festival was established to enable activists to present professional or Do-It-Yourself films and motion pictures and/or music.

You will have the opportunity to see numerous films from around the world, attend educational panels, meet filmmakers and hear from activists from all over the world about the social movements in which they are involved.

SURGE is the first international activist film festival which is not only an annual film festival, but also is a film festival network.

How is SURGE different from other film festivals and networks?

* SURGE enables people worldwide to bring the festival into their area of the world through the SURGE film festival network!

* SURGE is a non-competitive film festival so all participants are winners

* Each and every year admission and ticket fees for people to attend the SURGE film festival has remained free-of-charge! This enables the largest possible audience, from all different financial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, to participate in the film festival.

* Registration fees to submit films into the SURGE film festival remain low. SURGE has made scholarships and fee-waivers available so no one is turned away for lack of funds. This enables the largest possible audience, from all different financial, cultural and ethnic backgrounds, to submit films.

* Yes, SURGE accepts anonymous entries as we encourage whistleblowers to expose injustice!

* Any entries that include a screening fee or scholarship which are not included in the SURGE festival are still published along with all the other entries in our International, S.U.R.G.E. Multilingual Film Festival Directory! This enables all entries to receive exposure and networking with people from all over the world.

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