Students for a Human Society

Gainesville, Florida
United States
Education is currently understood in an overly pragmatic way, whereby the dominant aim of education is to make students valuable at the marketplace. A student's role, therefore, is to acquire the technical skills necessary to compete and perform in the division of labor. A central aim of students, in short, is to become a valuable commodity in the present system of exchange.

A problem associated with this style of education is that it breeds dehumanization. Educational processes that do nothing more than aid students to adapt to market changes undermine the development of a critical consciousness, which is necessary to create alternative means of addressing personal and social problems. For example, the values of the marketplace damage a sense of community solidarity and social justice, since students who conceptualize themselves primarily as commodities see little value in spending time cooperating to change the world. Sharing and collective action for social justice are debilitating activities for those who seek to be competitive workers.

The purpose of SHS is to encourage and develop a new educational world-view that makes the improvement of the human condition the central theme in student life. Through a coalition of students, teachers, and community members, this organization aims to make education play a significant role in providing this framework.

SHS holds a diverse set of activities, including reading and discussion sessions, debates, speaking events, service learning projects, as well as publishing a semesterly journal.
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