Arms Against War

Blackpool, England
United Kingdom
Arms Against War gives protesters the opportunity to show unity in their desire for an end to the war in Iraq. We wear a freely available, no cost symbol of a white fabric armband (made from sheets, t-shirts etc.) to show our unity - please share this message with protesters and groups so that we can be visibly united worldwide in our protests and actions.

There is no cost, nothing to sign, nowhere specific to be - just the wearing of the armband to show a desire for an end to the war in Iraq. The symbol has no words so can be worn in 'no-protest' zones, on TV, during speeches etc. by individuals, politicians, celebrities and groups (alongside their own unique colours/symbols/slogans etc.)

We have no affiliation to any religious, political or other group and simply provide the idea of unifying imagery required to show just how many of us truly want an end to the war in Iraq. seen!
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: International
Added on 02-10-2007
Updated on 02-10-2007


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