Mission College's Environmental Awareness Association

3000 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, California 95054-1
United States
(408) 855-5267
We are a student group at Mission College created in the Fall semester in 2000. We advocate and are involved in student, faculty, and public education on the issues of our impact in our environment. This dedicated group has taken on a huge campaign to save the diminishing population of a very special species called the Burrowing Owls. Our school is in the heart of silicon valley with little space for wild life to florish, but amazingly, in the little space at mission college thrives these burrowing owls, which are designated as a "species of special concern" by the Dept. of Fish & Game. These owl's habitat have been protected due to this desgination, but just for 5 or 3 years. EAA is working on making these desginated protected land a permanant one, in which we have to deal with the bureaucracy of the district and the school. We have come far with the school in terms of getting a few projects like, building artifical burrows, planting naitive gardens and maintaining the habitat, but nothing has been done to protect these owls for long term. As the college is building out more, the owls are loosing their homes more and more. There used to be 80 owls who called Mission college their home, now its down to 16. These creatures are so cute and so paitent with human activity, its sad we can't do more for them.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 10-31-2002
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