National Radio Project

1714 Franklin Street #100-251
Oakland, California 94612
United States
510-251-1332 ext.102
National Radio Project, producer of
Making Contact, is the core focus of
International Media Project. National
Radio Project heightens public
consciousness, broadens debate on
critical social issues and
encourages civic participation by
giving voice to diverse perspectives
and opinions underrepresented in
the mass media.

Making Contact, is an
award-winning, 29-minute weekly
magazine/documentary-style public
affairs program heard on over 180
radio stations in the USA, Canada
and South Africa.

Making Contact is committed to
in-depth critical analysis that goes
beyond the breaking news.
Showcasing voices and perspectives
rarely heard in mainstream media.

In addition, National Radio Project
trains independent journalists and
community members radio skills,
improving popular access to the
media. National Radio Project also
increases the media capacity of
community groups often forming
unique partnerships and
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: International
Added on 05-03-2007
Updated on 05-03-2007

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