Body Image, Northern Kentucky University

Northern Kentucky University
Highland Heights, Kentucky
United States
Our group is doing a project on how body image affects women of all ages and race. Unattainable standards of beauty and body image are every where in the media. We want to advocate for all the women out there who aren't a size zero with no stretch marks, and feel they are ugly or need to change themselves. It is impossible to go through a day in our world without seeing advertisements for weight loss, beauty products, and the latest clothing. The message that is being portrayed is that unless women look like one of the models who are being used to sell the products, their body type and physical appearance are inadequate. We also want to prove that body image is a huge problem in our society. Not only with women but also men. As a result of pressure from the media, women of all ages develop eating disorders to try to obtain the perfect body. People are going to extremes and sometimes killing themselves to look like super models.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
Added on 11-29-2007
Updated on 12-05-2007

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