Real Food Challenge

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United States
The mission of the Real Food Challenge is to build a student movement for a just and sustainable food system.


* Our food system is broken. From food riots abroad, to rising rates of diabetes and obesity at home; from the carbon emitted by agriculture to the human rights abuses in the fields; it’s clear our food system is in need of major change.
* Government and big business have failed to step up to the challenge, with business-as-usual prevailing over the health of our bodies, our communities, and the Earth.


* Colleges and universities spend over $4 billion each year on food. This figure represents a significant portion of the national food system—one that young people can directly influence.
* Students are making a difference! There is a growing movement of college students working to address food issues on campus. At least 300 institutions already have college farms, fair trade initiatives, or farm-to-cafeteria programs, and the number is growing every day.
* If we act together we can amplify our voice and our power. Real change will come from the grassroots and students can lead the way.


The Real Food Challenge serves as both a campaign and a network. The campaign has a national target of shitfting 20% of all the money spent on food by colleges and universities to "real food"--food that healthy, local, fair, ecologically sound, and humane. By leveraging their purchasing power we can catalyze the transformation of the larger food system. The network offers a chance for students and their allies—those working on the campaign along with those who’ve yet to sign on—to make connections, learn from one another, and grow the movement.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: National
This group is a network.
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