Arizona Activist Coalition

24611 South 141st Street
Chandler, Arizona 85249
United States
After a long history of hate, war, and waste, its time for citizens across the world to step up and redefine what it means to be "humane". And we couldn't think of a better time then now. The U.S economy is in turmoil, the wars being waged across the world, the upcoming U.S elections, and the intensifying effects of global warming, we're slowly unraveling all of our progress, but more inportantly we're raping this planet.

We here at AAC stand in hope, fighting to make a change within our local communities. Taking it to the streets, the threshold has broken and now its time to let the voices' of the masses pour through the flood gates. We can no longer stand back and hope for the best, because in the last eight years it hasn't gotten us anywhere. It is time to bite the hand that feeds, it is the time to wake the masses, it is time for change.

Therefore, we ask if you help us in our movement against racism, sexism, homophobia, genocide, war, hate, and other ideas the perpetuate separation. Today is the day that we Arizona citizens start the movement towards peace and unity. Let us unite, refuse, reuse and never again abuse.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: State
Added on 10-08-2008
Updated on 10-08-2008


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