Stir It Up Campaign (UNITE HERE)

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If students want their campuses to reflect their values on issues like workers rights and sustainability, students themselves must initiate that change. Food service decisions are often made by university administrators and the companies they contract with, with little to no input from the student body-- i.e., the people eating the food.

This group is a forum for students to share their experiences in a national student effort to take control of food services on their campuses. Send us a message with stories from your school!

Common Demands:

*A living wage and job stability for food service workers

*A transparent and democratic process where
students have a central role in making decisions
about their food service

*Sustainable campuses

*Accountability to the university and broader

Stir it Up is brought to you by UNITE HERE
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: International
Added on 01-24-2011
Updated on 01-24-2011

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