Utica/Central New York Citizens in Action

P.O. Box 411
Utica, New York 13503
United States
Located In Utica, New York, our community-based and multicultural organization is committed to living wage jobs, affordable health care and education, educational opportunities, and improvement in living conditions for low and moderate income people. We are a membership organization which consists of working people, tenants, small business persons, the elderly, students, clergy, and representatives of the labor movement. Our organization is a community-labor-faith-based coalition dedicated to revitalizing Utica's distressed neighborhoods. We also advocate for low-income and marginalized neighborhoods in the Central New York region.

Utica Citizens in Action has organized a successful 40 hour fast for the working poor, news conferences on a wide variety of issues, lobby days in Albany, and local coalitions to work on funding for schools and against predatory lending. We have published studies on alternative economic development, affordable housing Community Development Block Grant, and school funding.

Established in 1997, our organization has been successful in highlighting public attention on local economic development issues, health maintenance organization reform, affordable housing, and consumer rights. We have successfully
conducted campaigns on neighborhood development, media accountability, and
health care and joined state and national organizations in advocating for
progressive policies.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: Local
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