Resource Generation

24 Thornidike Street
2nd Floor
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02141
United States
Resource Generation is a national alliance of young people supporting and challenging each other to effect social change through the creative, responsible and strategic use of our financial and other resouces.

Resource Generation promotes innovative ways for young people with wealth to align their personal values and political vision with their financial resources. We also struve to strengthen cross-class alliances with people and organizations working for social and economic justice.

Who participates in Resource Generation programs?
Young people with wealth, ages 18-35, who care about social change."Wealth is self-defined by people who participate in our programs. The amount of wealth people have access to varies greatly. Money comes from many sources including inheritances and earnings. Some people who are involved have access to philanthropic resources (for example, as board members of family foundations) but do not have access to personal wealth.

How is Resource Generation's work a part of progressive social change?

We are committed to working towards more queitable resource distribution because we believe that the unjust distribution of resources is a root cause of many social, environmental, and economic problems. By building a network of young people with wealth who are aligning their resources with their values, we strive to strengthen movements for social change.
This is a non-campus group.
Geographical Scope: National
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