Mama Gathering 2004!

2011 3rd Ave S #119
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55403
United States
What It's All About
Mama Gathering 2004 creates sustainable communities through conscious parenting. We are an opportunity for mothers from all walks of life to come together, inspire, empower and motivate each other.

By raising awareness, both within our community and on a greater societal level, we build a safe space for mamas, artists, and social change organizers to grow and play. We recognize that families' day-to-day struggle for survival is intertwined with the struggle for social change.

We recognize that creating family-positive communities means providing quality affordable childcare and youth-friendly activities.

Mama Gathering 2004 contains safe, stimulating spaces and workshops for all ages so that the mamas in attendance are free to focus on interacting with each other, make friends, and become smarter, stronger, better-skilled organizers.

Mama Gathering 2004 actively confronts issues of privilege, discrimination and is committed to fighting all interrelated forms of oppression.

This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: National
Added on 05-20-2004
Updated on 09-14-2006

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