National Students for Justice in Palestine

United States
NSJP is an independent grassroots organization composed of students and recent graduates that provides support to about 200 SJP chapters on university and college campuses, as well as taking part in the broader national and global solidarity movements for Palestinian freedom, justice, and equality.

As students, education, awareness, and critical analysis are our priorities. Each year, we host a national conference where student organizers can attend skill-building and political development workshops, meet with fellow organizers, and learn about other social justice movements and the history of our own. (Some years we organize regional conferences too! If you'd like to see one in your region in early spring, contact us!) We also coordinate national campaigns like the Right to Education tour, curate a national newsletter, and provide SJPs with resources and specialized assistance in planning events and actions, organizing boycott and divestment campaigns, writing resolutions and statements, working with media and press, connecting to legal aid, outreach, and more.

Besides sharing our points of unity as a starting point, we do not dictate to SJP chapters: all individual SJPs are autonomous student orgs on their respective campuses and, with the national points of unity as a base, they can determine their own political visions, missions, goals, and even names––like SAIA, SPJP, SFP, SUPER, SAFE, MEPPA, PSA, PSC, SPHR, SPER, and more––as a function of who they are, where they're based, and what they work on. Any campus-based student Palestine solidarity group built around these points of unity can become a chapter.
This is a campus group.
Geographical Scope: National
This group is a network.
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