Aaron Kreider
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19143
United States
This is a campus activist.
I'm from Vancouver, Canada. Attended Goshen College from 1993-1997, where I was involved in Pax and the Advocates, and majored in computer science and economics.

Went to Notre Dame for graduate school first in Economics (hrm, recently the ND administration decided to restructure the economics department because it was too unorthodox) and then switched to Sociology (graduated in Jan. 2003). At ND, I went to Student Activities the first week I was there to get a form for starting a group, and several months later started the Progressive Student Alliance. We had a number of run-ins with the administration =)

Perhaps our greatest victory was getting ND to join the Worker Rights Consortium. Also at ND we did a significant mobilization for gay rights getting national and even international media.

I'm a programmer/founder of this website, because I think it will be incredibly useful for student activists. I'm working on it about full-time, without pay.

Je parle français (et je voudrais developer un accent québecois).

I try to read pretty much everything I can find on student activism (and also read widely on international politics and history). There aren't many books, however if you want to read my favorite one you absolutely must read: "SDS: Ten Years Towards A Revolution" by Kirkpatrick Sale. It's THE epic account of student movements in the sixties. Get it from your school or city library, as you likely cannot find it used or new at an affordable price.

I answer random emails from strangers =)

If you want the dirt, google me.

General Interests: activism, php, mysql, mapping, radio, board games, bikes, cooking, soccer.
Favorite Music: Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger, Incredible String Band.
Political Views: Anarchism. Nonviolence. I believe in the long road to radical social change that relies upon convincing the overwhelming majority of people that we need to change our systems.
Occupation: Activist Web Developer
Networking Goals: I started this network as my first baby step in ***Evil Internet World Domination***

Seriously, I am hoping to increase activist networking to build skills and power. To encourage activists to act strategically.
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