Erin Eccleston
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Washington, District of Columbia 20003
United States
Erin Eccleston started her career as an activist as a student at Pennsylvania State University at University Park. During her time on campus, she was Co-Director of Environmental Affairs for the Undergraduate Student Government and Vice President of EcoAction, the largest student environmental group on campus. Erin organized the student body and student government to support a policy that all new campus buildings meet energy efficiency standards. She also worked on campaigns for outdoor recycling and local foods. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University in May of 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and Philosophy and joined the staff of Free The Planet! in July of 2003.

During her time on staff, Erin has been the driving force behind Free The Planet!'s Keep It Wild campaign. Last school year, Erin organized hundreds of students to tell Office Depot to stop using our endangered forests in their paper products, a campaign won in March 2004! Currently, Erin is working on the Victoria's Dirty Secret campaign to get the company to stop using catalog paper made from endangered wood.

In addition to her work on the Keep It Wild campaigns, she's worked with hundreds of student activists across the country to make their groups and campaigns more effective by providing them resources and training.
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