Shawn Robinson
Permanent Address

Pittsfield, Massachusetts 01060
United States
This is a campus activist.
My objective is to serve the people of my community, state, and country by advocating and organizing on all levels of government for positive social change.

St. Joseph’s Central High School, Pittsfield, MA High School Diploma May 2002

Holyoke Community College Holyoke, MA Associates Degree Liberal Arts May 2005
GPA 3.1
University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA Accepted Transfer Fall 2005
Double Major: Legal Studies and Social Thought and Political Economy

Democracy Matters Campus Coordinator supervisor: Joan Mandel (315) 824-4306

Service Net Relief Counselor supervisor: Erica Parker (413) 585-8316

City of Northampton Recreational Leader supervisor: Ann Marie Moggio (413) 587-1040

Friendly’s Restaurant Waiter supervisor: Jason Wonsey (413) 584-0555

Treydon’s Bar and Grill Waiter supervisor: Landon Jenkins (413) 527-6689

Relevant Experience (previous two years included only)
Board Member Massachusetts Board of Higher Education 6/2004-6/2005

President Associated Students of Massachusetts 10/2004-present

Board Member MA Student Public Interest Research Group 9/2004-5/2005

Senator Holyoke Community College Student Government 2003-2005

Vice Chair MA Student Advisory Council 9/2003-9/2004

Board Member Holyoke Community College Board of Trustees 6/2003-6/2004

Team Member Haiti Plunge Team June- July 1999
3rd World Village Cooperative Development December-January 2004-05

Committee Appointments (previous two years included only)
Fiscal Affairs and Administrative Policy MA Board of Higher Education 6/2004-6/2005

College Presidential Search Committee Holyoke Community College 11/2003-4/2004

Northeast Student Leadership Conference Steering Committee Member 4/2005-present

Bylaws Review Committee MA Student Advisory Council 9/2003-1/2004

MA Student Leadership Conference Organizing Committee 12/2004-4/2005

Awards (previous two years included only)
Dean Sullivan Award for Excellence in MA Community College Student Leadership 10/2004
Community College Student Leadership Association (CCSLA)

Outstanding Student Leader of the Year Award 5/2004
Holyoke Community College Student Activities Department

Recent Skills Development
American Student Organizers Summit Ottawa, Canada May 2005
(In conjunction with the Canadian Federation of Students and Liberty Tree Foundation)

National Student Leadership Conference Atlanta, Georgia April 2005

D.C. Summit Washington D.C. March 2005

Democracy Matters National Summit Albany, NY February 2005

Community College Student Leadership
Association Annual Conference Lenox, MA October 2004

New Voters GOTV Conference Boston, MA October 2004
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Updated on 05-23-2005

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