John Hope
School Address

Duisburg, NRW, 47139
Permanent Address

San Francisco, California 94114
United States
I'm a former Chabot and SFCC student. Right now I'm in Germany teaching English but am looking to get a job as an environmental or political activist. Since my teens I've had an interest in environmental, social and political issues. Besides doing tons of petitions and trying to live as sustainably as possible I'm placing ads on Craigs List that I hope get people to take action, promote sustainable living/eco communities, raise awareness of the challenges humanity faces and prepare for the environmentally worsening situation and very likely social upheavals:

The latest (bad) news about global warming, the Iraq war and the Bush administration in general have only increased these concerns. Seems like most folks don't care much, though. Hopefully Campus Activism is different :) I did notice, however, that although there's a great variety of absolutely worthy causes listed on the Campus Activism site, environmental/global warming action seems to be a bit underrepresented. Hopefully I can help change that :)
Added on 08-19-2005
Updated on 08-23-2005

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