Tim Hillman
School Address

Bouder, Colorado 80305
United States
Permanent Address

Portland, Oregon 97217
United States
This is a campus activist.
I am a PhD student in engineering, working directly on Urban Sustainable Infrastructure at the University of Colorado. My focus has been on energy...both consumption (energy efficiency in buildings and transportation) and production (renewables: wind and solar...and others). For the last few years I begun to expand this scope to see what we could/should be doing in terms of societal design to attempt to eliminate violence and oppression, while enhancing everyone's opportunity to love and do what they like. My interests lie on a technical side with energy use and production in our society and on a social side with human rights, workers rights, and environmental justice (ok...who isn't into all that...). We have campaigns on our campus related to workers rights and issues of corporate ties with our university.
Added on 09-02-2005
Updated on 09-02-2005

United Students Against SweatshopsDistrict Of Columbia

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