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NEW YORK, February 27, 2006 – The Latin Hip-Hop Coalition/Tri-State, Inc. (“LHHC”) is preparing to make a significant impact throughout the Tri-State area and the country. On February 28, 2006, at 11AM the LHHC will hold a press conference at the Marriott Hotel in Brooklyn, located at 333 Adams Street. At the event we will introduce our executive board, led by Jose Niño as Chairman and Jack Omar Villacis as President/CEO, as well as a host of services and activities that we will be offering. Mr. Niño goes on to say “We at the LHHC have made vital changes and additions to the coalition. We are confident that these changes will make a significant impact in the hip-hop and reggaeton communities.” Guest speakers at the event will include Assistant Deputy Attorney General Mrs. Teryl Brown Clemons, among others, who will discuss the payola investigation. “We are delighted to know that the Latin Hip-Hop Coalition recognizes the importance of the payola investigation. We will continue to pursue our industry-wide investigation into payola practices until we level the playing field. Talent should be the basis for receiving airplay.” As stated by Assistant Deputy Attorney General Mrs. Clemons.

Founded by Frank Garcia, President of the New York Statewide Coalition Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Charles Fisher, founder of The National Hip-Hop Summit Youth Council, the LHHC was formed with the goal of “changing the game through empowerment and education.” The organization will accomplish this goal by offering free workshops, seminars, summits and other services to address issues that affect our youth and young adults such as HIV/AIDS, Substance Abuse, Education, Literacy, Employment, Economics, Politics, and Gang Violence. In addition, we will promote the growth, development and success of Latin record labels, artists, managers, and producers with an emphasis on Latin hip-hop and reggaeton music.

The LHHC’s board members and advisors consist of seasoned professionals representing the finance, consulting, legal, investment, communications, real estate, entertainment, marketing, distribution, technology and public relations industries. Through these contacts members will have access to an array of free advice and resources to achieve their personal, educational and business goals.

At the LHHC we are committed to lead our members towards economic independence, social responsibility and academic success. We call on all youth, young adults, professionals, politicians, local businesses, corporations and community leaders to join us in our efforts to provide a better future for Latino and minority citizens in communities throughout the country. As stated by Jack Villacis, “It is important that we demonstrate to our youth and young adults that through hard work, a determination to succeed and the support of our mentors, professional staff and influential board members, they too can accomplish their many goals in life” ended Villacis.

“Together we can “Build Bridges of Unity, Empowerment and Improvement for the Latin Community.”

For information on how to become a member, volunteer or to sponsor upcoming events please visit our website at: info@latinhiphopcoalition.org
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