Varna Sri Raman
Permanent Address

New Delhi, DE 11001
This is a campus activist.
Varna: Noun.

Twenty something. Illegal in most contexts. Thrives in sultry climes. In a glass bubble. Vertical in a horizontal world. Not to be confused with the Bulgarian city, vermin, the Hindi word for 'or else', a mysterious double known for being 'responsible' and 'sane' or a rain god. Also known as Dorfus Farkle Chunks. Fascinated by Wombats, Velociraptors, Humans and other queer creatures.

Best described as an anachronism with poindexter type tendencies. Perilously passionate, rident, chaotic, random, obscure, rangy, mad, short, opinionated and of a strange colour, with a penchant for sesquipedalian excesses. Additional attributes include curious philosophical afflictions and strange political fetishes. Mostly unapologetic and unforgiving. Largely sleepy, preoccupied and deeply messed up. Strictly individualist, pro- choice with liberal inclinations.

Suffer from a sporadically sanguine mental disposition provoked by minority haters, pig-headed authoritarians, homophobes, imbeciles, know-it-all types, idiotarians, preachers, war mongers, chauvinists, rich show-offs, weepy characters, 'frandly' freaks, cows and other despicable species. Anti-war, incurably romantic, given to debating, writing, dancing, singing, theatre and less popular forms of self expression.

Kindness, intelligence, objectivity, music, love, books and laughter provoke occasional frissons of surprise. In a perpetual state of joyous dereliction. Innately sprachgefuhl and perennially in search of the self. Last found in the passing cloud and a grain of sand.
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Updated on 03-19-2006

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