Chris Markl
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Boulder, Colorado 80302
United States
This is a campus activist.
We are a group of young individuals from Boulder Colorado, who have created an annual bike ride across the United States to raise funds for beneficiaries who are committed to improving the lives of individuals in the poorest regions of the world.

The selection of our beneficiaries is based on four key United Nations Millennium Development Goals:
• increase education,
• reduce extreme poverty,
• improve healthcare, and
• assist in HIV and malaria vaccine research

This year’s event will begin in early June and take riders from Seattle, through the Cascade Mountains, across the continental divide in Glacier National Park, through the rolling hills of the Midwest, across the headwaters of the Mississippi river, along the coast of the Great Lakes, across the Alleghenies, through New York City and end in Boston.

Each participant in our event is required to raise $4,000. While on the ride, participants will stay at schools, religious organizations, Rotary clubs, and other sponsors. No individual at our organization receives any monetary compensation and all proceeds will be divided among our beneficiaries.

There are two goals for this event. The Yes Ride seeks to
1. net a minimum of $200,000 for our four beneficiaries
2. create a moving monument that motivates humanity to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. This monument will be 4,000 miles long and it will involve up to 50 young people who are devoting two months of their lives to the forgotten people in the world.
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