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This is a campus activist.
Patrick Hossay is an enthusiastic and powerful speaker, and the author of the recently released book, Unsustainable: A Primer for Global Environmental and Social Justice.
Dr. Hossay speaks to environmental and social groups in New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia regularly, and has recently spoken on a variety of topics addressed in Unsustainable, including:

- Community Conservation: Can We Save Precious Species while Helping
Impoverished Communities around the World?
- Global Environmental Justice: Fighting For International Justice and Protecting the Planet
- Climate Change: What Do We Know? What Are the Likely Effects? What Can We Do?
- Rethinking Environmental Activism: Where Do We Go from Here?

Patrick Hossay speaks to community groups, school groups, student
activists, and citizen coalitions at no cost if in the New Jersey,
Philadelphia, New York City area, and for reimbursement of travel expenses when outside this region.
All royalties from the sale of Unsustainable go to Greenpeace USA.

609 652 4303
For more information, go to

In plain, direct language, Hossay explains the double bind in which
humanity now finds itself -- an environmental crisis that is escalating year on year, and a human and social crisis of poverty and inequality that is also growing worse and worse. Aimed at a concerned, popular audience,
including both budding social activists and students, the author explains how these twin crises emerge from the same source.
Brilliantly combining a huge amount of up-to-date information, he shows step by step how a particular historical path of colonialism, capitalist development and industrial
growth has got us into this mess.
He shows how current attempts to develop effective environmental policies and to promote sustainable and socially just development internationally
are being stymied by free-market forces, corporate-centered globalization, and the policies and actions of key international institutions. The very structure of our global order is unsustainable. There are no simple
answers. Changing our own behavior is important, but fundamentally
inadequate. Only, Hossay argues, a fundamental restructuring of the way we do business will save us from environmental and human catastrophe. And he suggests ways in which we can work for such change.

Patrick Hossay is an Associate Professor of Political Science at
the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. He received a PhD
from the New School for Social Research and a Masters in International Relations from San Francisco State University. Patrick teaches courses in
environmental policy, international relations, and development. He also
directs and advises sustainable development projects in various
communities in the Caribbean Basin, develops environmental projects for the international volunteer organization Peacework.
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