Karl Hardin
Permanent Address

British Columbia V2S 7Y9
This is a campus activist.
I am very interested in campus sustainability issues and am in the process of working with Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) Administrators, through the SFU Sustainable Campus Coalition, in the development of sustainability policy and a Sustainability Office on campus. I would be very happy to share insights, resources, information and knowledge and to network with like minded groups and individuals to coordinate regional and national campaigns relating to social and environmental sustainability issues.

I am also very interested in sustainable development and community based ecotourism initiatives in central america.

I am a member of:
-the Simon Fraser Public Interest Research Group (SFPIRG) Environmental Action Group (http://www.sfu.ca/~sfpirg/)
-BC Ethical Purchasing Group
-Sierra Youth Coalition (http://www.syc-cjs.org/)

Co-founder of:
-SFU Sustainable Campus Coalition(sfu_scc@yahoo.com
Added on 12-12-2003
Updated on 12-12-2003

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