David Rovics
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Portland, Oregon 97206
United States
I'm not a student, but I was for a long time... I'm a full-time singer-songwriter and part-time journalist. For the past ten years or so I've spent much of my time traveling the world and singing at protests, music clubs, college campuses, conferences, etc.
General Interests: Music, activism, reading, writing, the outdoors, the indoors...
Favorite Music: Links to at least a few of my favorite musicians can be found on the "links" page at www.davidrovics.com. I'm a big fan of all kinds of "folk" music from bluegrass to African to Latin American. I also like lots of punk rock and other stuff.
Favorite Books: Currently, Naomi Klein's book, Disaster Capitalism, and Robert Fisk's book, The Great War for Civilization.
Political Views: I'm one more nonsectarian member of what some people have been calling the New Left, though that term is from the 60's so it's not so new anymore... I suppose "socialist" might most aptly describe my political orientation, but words like that are fa
Occupation: Musician
Networking Goals: To hear about what's going on on campuses around the US and elsewhere, and perhaps to hook up with activists who might like to have me (or other good leftwing musicians I'm regularly in touch with) perform on your campus, at conferences folks are organi
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