Ava Chaloff
Permanent Address

Eugene, Oregon 97401
United States
I am not a student though I am a college graduate. I have worked in sales and briefly taught E.S.L. I did membership work for an anti-nuclear group during the '80s when progressives were trying to pass the A.B.M. treaty with the Soviets.
General Interests: Outdoors, art & photography, reading
Favorite Music: Pink Floyd, Genesis and other British greats from my era; the '70s
Favorite Books: I like light reading. One of my favorite novelists is Cassandra King. I especially enjoy humor and my favorite humorous author is Anthony Kennedy O'Toole.
Political Views: I think I'm pretty liberal for an old gal. I try to stay more conservative about taxes and spending.
Occupation: retired
Networking Goals: I want to give and get support in efforts to stay in touch with my state representatives & relevant national Congressional committee members on a range of environmental issues.
Added on 01-05-2008
Updated on 01-06-2008

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