William Puckett
Both Address

Linton, Indiana 47441
United States
20 yr. old musician. Heavy believer in the civil rights, we as humans deserve. intellectual person with a passion for peace, love, and understanding. i am an outspoken person on the beliefs of a strong nation and a wholesome environment for the entirety of mankind.
General Interests: Main interests of mine lean towards poetic lyrics revolving around the philosophy of men/women/children. the peace each and every one of us deserve. as well as the struggle for a good life. music is also a very influential interest of mine. theres just
Favorite Music: i really dig acoustic songs; songs that are really heartfelt and tunes that allow you to feel the expression and the mind of the writer/musician. as for bands that i enjoy- Dave Matthews Band,Xavier Rudd, John Butler Trio, Jack Johnson, Lennon/Beatles, Ro
Favorite Books: I just started reading HOWL by Alan Ginsberg, which quite interesting, but i also enjoy a few novels by Kurt Vonneguut Jr. I am really intrigued by the BEAT Generation.
Political Views: I once heard that if you dont vote then you dont have a right to complain, but my rebuttle to that statement is why vote for politicians who do not truly stand for We The People... it seems to me that in politics as well as almost everything else it is ju
Occupation: musician
Networking Goals: my basic goal is to stand up for myself as a being and to help each and every person i can to live a good life and speak out against any and all nonsense we are subjected too.
Added on 02-27-2008
Updated on 02-27-2008

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