Heather Kangas
School Address

Towson, Maryland 21204
United States
Permanent Address

Kensington, Maryland 20895
United States
This is a campus activist.
I'm Heather Kangas. I am Co-Organizing Director of the Progressive Democrats of Towson and am active in the Towson Energy Activits and Student Collective for Animal Rights. I'm interested in learnign in more creative ways to get students involved on campus.
General Interests: Single Payer Health Care, Earrings, coffee, discussion, pot lucks, writing, traveling, hiking
Favorite Music: The Moldy Peaches, The Beatles, The Eagles, Carole King,
Favorite Books: Harry Potter, Miss American Pie, Catch 22
Political Views: I'm not a fan of labels but I'm a leader of a group with Democrat in the name because I don't think I should be pushed out this moderate party. I would say that I'm a progressive because I believe in society moving forward for the better.
Occupation: Student/ Campus Activist
Networking Goals: To learn about creative actions that can be done on campus and hopefully help other people do the same thing!
Added on 02-28-2008
Updated on 02-28-2008

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