Daniel White
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Indianapolis, Indiana 46278
United States
My name is Daniel. I just graduated from Brebeuf High School in Indianapolis, Indiana, and will continue to college at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I like to enjoy life by partying the hell out of it, though I know I can't do this forever. I'm a homo. I'm a huge nerd; I'm studying anthropology/linguistics next year, but I originaly signed up for Biotechnology; I haven't even gone to college yet and I've already changed my major twice.... I'm pretty much damn near an anarchist, and I resent our current government's policies, the state of domestic civil liberties, and the political spectrum. I love taking time to examine the beauty of the universe and the people in it. I am extremely greatful for everything my parents have given me and all of the wonderful oppurtunites I've had and friends I've met along the way. I am very lucky to have an extremely fortunate life with the best of friends and not a single worry about whether I'm going to be able to eat today or not. I have no clue what my aspiration in life is, other than the fact that I know I want to travel (especially to Madagascar, Iceland, and Egypt). If you can't tell, I'm pretty strange, but at least I never put on a facade. :D
General Interests: my friends, the universe, partying, anarchy, existentialism, writing, my music project, piano, voice
Favorite Music: Animal Collective, Modest Mouse, Incubus, The Shins, Bright Eyes, M.I.A., Arctic Monkeys, bunches more
Favorite Books: The Things They Carried, Fight Club, The Sun Also Rises, The Great Gatsby, Emma Goldmann's Writings
Political Views: I don't align myself with either political party; Liberatarianism is probably the closest thing. Anarchy also shares a pretty common view of my politics.
Occupation: Business Intern
Networking Goals: I want to find a whole bunch of activist groups not only in the Indianapolis Area, but at IU as well. I would LOVE to get involved in anything opposing the two-party system, opposing the ban on gay marriage, opposing the war in Iraq, and several other th
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Updated on 10-13-2008

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