Stu Rost
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Guelph, Ontario NIE R42
This is a campus activist.
hey there. i'm a frusterated canadian who reads a lot of Chomsky, Zinn and lately Moore and would like to communicate with people like myself who are fed up with american foreign policy and it's quest for global hegemony. in reading Noam Chomsky, one can't help but to view the U.S government in an entirely different light. i am not a student, but work as a certified lab technician at LensCrafters here in Guelph Canada. i guess i'm just looking forward to hearing from people from different parts of the country-and the U.S if possible-on the issues dominating these troubling times. can reach me at, and hopefully we can together make some sense of all this.

thank you.

Added on 01-19-2004
Updated on 01-21-2004

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