Teisha Sommer
School Address

Galena, Alaska 99741
United States
Permanent Address

Fairbanks, Alaska 99701
United States
Hey my name is Teisha Sommer. I'm 15 1/2 years old. I live in Galena, Alaska. I'm originally from Fairbanks & Huslia, Alaksa.
For a while I have been playing on going to Sherman Indian High School now. I heard it's a nice school, has nice awesome to hang out with people.. Anyways..
General Interests: I like to play basketball, softball, swimming, boating, writing or typing, hanging out with my friends, going to the movies, watching anything that is scary, comedy, action, some romance, also having fun, bowling with a lot of people, getting good grades,
Favorite Music: Anything.. but metal, rock, all that emo punk music..
Favorite Books: Vampire & scary books..
Occupation: Student
Added on 11-18-2008
Updated on 11-18-2008

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