Christina-Alexa Liakos
School Address

Poultney, Vermont 05764
United States
Permanent Address

Poultney, Vermont 05764
United States
This is a campus activist.
I am a senior at Green MOuntain College, about to graduate with a B.A. of Enviornmental Non-Profit Advocacy. I am a first generation Greek- American. I am the student represenative for our College Sustainability Council, Co-Director of Club Activism and the Student Campus Greening Fund. I am a Greenpeace Organizing Term Alum and currently work as the Trainings Coordinator for the GReenpeace Student Network Board.
General Interests: Working, training, and learning with students and community members in enviornmental and social justice campaigns to work towards a more peaceful world. I also enjoy hiking in the woods with my partner and doing crafts with my sisters.
Favorite Music: Bluegrass, jazz, anything that makes you dance.
Favorite Books: Authors: Linda Tatelbaum, Tom Wolfe, George Lakoff, Bill McKibben, and many more.
Political Views: Independent Party.
Occupation: Student Activist
Added on 02-15-2009
Updated on 02-15-2009

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