Aaron Webster
Permanent Address

Spring, Texas 77379
United States
im 19 years old, i grew up in houston texas and am still living here today. iv traveled alot all over the states and love it. im looking for a way to communicate with others that feel we need immediate change in our government, economy, and social views.
General Interests: music, enlightenment, family, friends, long meaningful conversations, true people
Favorite Music: modest mouse, the dirty heads, jack johnson, beatles, suicide silence, red hot chili peppers, pepper, matisyahu, bob marley, anything good.
Favorite Books: just one (invisible monsters)
Political Views: im a more conservative libraterian, my main focus is for marijuana reform, i believe america is coming to a revolution but thats just my opinion
Occupation: server
Networking Goals: to find a new medium to express my views and hopefully help change some thing i think need to be changed.
Added on 11-04-2009
Updated on 11-04-2009

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