Rand McGee
Permanent Address

Chicago, Illinois 60618
United States
This is a campus activist.

Currently living in Chicago.

PhD student at Capella University in Human Services.
MA in Higher Education & Student Personnel Administration with minor in Counseling Psychology from the Ohio State University.
BA in Psychology from the Ohio State Univeristy.

Academic Achievement: (public speaking, reading, studying, writing, test-taking skills, stress & time management)

Alcohol & Drugs: (use/abuse, effects, education, club & date rape drugs)

Conflict Management: (approach, conflict resolution, mediation, care/confrontation)

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual Issues: (awareness, civil rights, coming out, safer zones, homophobia, heterosexism)

HIV/AIDS Issues: (education, prevention, services, safer sex)

Leadership: (“The Real Leadership Model” - 13 points, communication, facilitation, supervision, group dynamics & development, helping & listening skills, incentive programs, program models & development)

Multicultural/Diversity Issues: (“Tri-Lambda Multicultural Development Model”, “Native American Awareness”, anti-violence, cultural awareness, diversity, hate crimes, oppression, “-isms & -phobias”, allies & safe zones)

Personal Management: assertiveness, body image, ethical decision making, self-esteem, stress & time management)

Programming: (program development, effective event marketing & fundraising)

Sexual Assault & Oppression: (“Men Can Stop Rape” Program, acquaintance/date rape, awareness, helping a friend, rape drugs, sexual assault, sexual harassment, sexual oppression)

Sexuality: (“Sex Generation”, sexual communication, contraception, ethics, gender & sex roles, general sexuality, making choices, sexually transmitted diseases)

Suicide & Depression: (“SAD”, education, prevention, awareness, counseling, signs & symptoms)

Wellness: (use of a 14 point wellness model, understanding the mind, body, & soul)

Presenter at the 1999 Conference - Sex Generation & the Rainbow Zone
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